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Albert Clayton Gaulden, founding director of the Sedona Intensive, and transpersonal psychologist believes that as far as what happens to us, nothing is written in stone and steel; rather we have choices in how we live our life. Often times he finds that a doctor, twenty five years later, would rather wrangle cattle in Montana or Wyoming. Later in life, a successful attorney wants to write books and teach as a professional motivation coach but doesn’t know how to get there. That’s where we come in. The masterful support team of personal development therapists at the Sedona Intensive know how to get clients from one passage in their life to another more appealing and fascinating passage than the one they’re leaving.

Life Transitions and ChoicesYour Authentic Self Knows What To Do

When you come here to face whatever stops you from being happy and free we take the position that you, the client—free of debilitating and fearful interferences—knows in your authentic self what you would like to do for any given period of your life. A person in his or her thirties may find a new self with a different road map full of hope, wishes and dreams when they reach fifty.

Life Transition is finding the courage to change the things one can. Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with Albert Clayton Gaulden to see if The Sedona Intensive programs are right for you. Call us at (928) 301-0780 - We can help!


In order for prospects to see what we offer and to see if they are a candidate for the Sedona Intensive, Albert Gaulden will give a complimentary consultation for those who are interested in going through the program. Call us at (928) 301-0780 to schedule your FREE Consultation today!

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