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Make a Transition in Consciousness and Transcend Difficulties

Available for groups limited to twenty who want to benefit from a Sedona experience, receive tools and skills for changing one’s life through personal development life coaching, and be a part of the Sedona Intensive philosophy, this Path Series creates a more affordable format in less time than the five days, or more, required in the Sedona Intensive. The goal is the same in the Path Series: to make a transition in consciousness and to transcend difficulties in one’s life.

Path to Creativity

Path to Creativity opens up new possibilities for the client who discovers that she is living someone else’s life not her own. In this course there are tools and techniques offered to move the seeker from stuck to surprise at what potential has been laying fallow.

Path to Intuition

Path Classes for TransformationPath to Intuition rings consciousness bells for all students, especially to men who discover that intuition is not a gift born with women, but it is the still small voice within each of us that we can trust to guide and lead us to a career, a relationship, a new house-moving to a new town or country-free to be who we always were.

Path to Transformation

Path to Transformation requires letting go of all blocks and barriers to one’s highest good-moving from ordinary street level awareness to an all-seeing, all-knowing consciousness. Closets have to be cleaned out, addictions and compulsions faced and conquered. The pay off is worth the pain.

Path from Chaos to Clarity, Path to Astrology, Path to Transcendence and other areas of search and rescue are offered throughout each calendar year.

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