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Addiction Recovery and Personal Transformation Program in Sedona, Arizona

The Sedona Intensive™ is a world-renowned personal transformation program that has helped thousands of people breakthrough the chronic patterns that no longer serve them. Participants learn to understand and release the past and begin to recognize and reconnect with the truth of who they really are: the authentic self. Become your authentic self through resolution and recovery in the following areas:

Program Choices

Five Day Sedona Intensive™

Albert Gaulden, transpersonal psychologist, uses Jungian therapy in this one-on-one five-day personal empowerment program. Along with highly skilled licensed therapists who specialize in alternative and holistic healing, Albert will guide you through a process that will help you break the stronghold of addictions, compulsive behavior, and egocentric patterns. The fee includes all materials, therapies and 6 weeks of AfterCare.

Intensive Tune-ups

Restore, reflect and reconnect with your inner self. These renewal courses will help you achieve strength, inner peace and balance. They will reinforce your ability to transcend obstacles in your life by seeing them as opportunities for personal core growth. We have structured a wide range of services in price points to let you choose whatever fits your own personal needs as well as financial capabilities.

Addiction Recovery and Personal Transformation Program in Arizona

Addiction Recovery and Personal Transformation Program in Arizona

Half Day Intensive: $750
Two Day Intensive Tune-Up: $2,900
Three Day Intensive Tune-Up: $4,200

Stay-at-Home Sedona Intensive™

There are people who cannot come to Sedona due to work restrictions or other obligations or who feel that they are unable to meet the financial criterion of the resident five-day Sedona IntensiveTM. Thus the Stay-at-Home Sedona IntensiveTM process was created to allow you to work one-on-one by telephone with Albert Gaulden.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with Albert Clayton Gaulden to see if The Sedona Intensive programs are right for you. Call us at (928) 301-0780 - We can help!


In order for prospects to see what we offer and to see if they are a candidate for the Sedona Intensive, Albert Gaulden will give a complimentary consultation for those who are interested in going through the program. Call us at (928) 301-0780 to schedule your FREE Consultation today!

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Not sure if The Sedona Intensive is right for you? Talk to past clients!

Speak confidentially with SI alumni to get their honest perspectives about their experience with our Recovery Programs. Call us at (928) 301-0780 to begin this process.