Relationship Help

Nowhere else have we been able to find a modality or a philosophy that better solves the conundrum of how can I have a decent relationship with another human being than through the wisdom of Jungian psychology, which this personal growth and empowerment program uses. The Jungian model is that difficulty with having a relationship with someone else (whether heterosexual or homosexual) is exacerbated by one’s unintegrated shadow. The shadow is the nature of the opposite within oneself. For example, the shadow a woman carries is her masculine spirit which Jung refers to as her animus and for a man his feminine nature within is his anima.

How to Be in a Successful Relationship

The universal problem of how to be successful in a relationship with someone else can be found in the inability for each of us to have a relationship with the only person who can ever free us to be happy: Ourselves.

Face the Demons

Sedona Intensive’s transpersonal psychologist Gaulden’s solution is to face down the demons and devils that make peaceful coexistence with a lover impossible.

These monsters are: unhealthy expectations that someone else can make us happy; inappropriate affairs with men or women growing up; bad role models; skewered information from the common culture; trying to live in a relationship as you perceive others live in theirs; manipulation, control and low self-esteem.

The Theory of Unresolved Issues

Gaulden’s and others’ proven theory is that we bring unresolved issues from the families in which we were raised into our personal relationships—how our parents failed in their marriage; financial needs to better one’s self; a need to be loved and adored when one cannot love oneself. The Sedona Intensive takes the position that a flawed character, full of blame and accusations against people at home and at work, makes any kind of relationship impossible.

Relationship resolution comes primarily from having a deep and abiding relationship with one’s authentic and integrated self.

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