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The Cave You Fear

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. This is a brilliant quote from a man many revere as the Father of Mythology, Joseph Campbell. When I read all his books and studied The Power of Myth...

Has the World Turned Up-Side-Down?

Sometimes I wake up and think the world turned upside down while I slept. But, no, it’s just negative, fearful, religious zealot loudmouthed naysayers trying to...

Mutual Reception

When two planets in one’s astrological chart are in the sign of the other, the two planets are said to be in mutual reception. For instance when Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn was in Scorpio...

When you are Down and Out

Compulsions and Addictions may be what are making you antsy, irritable and discontent. Now that we are in the dog days of summer perhaps you may be feeling like you are headed for the dog...

The Greatest Night of My Life

The Light Foundation Scholarship Fund threw a fancy dinner to celebrate my 35th AA Anniversary. 70 friends, family and clients gathered in the Monet Ballroom at L’Auberge...

Finding Your Higher Bottom

Change Comes When You are Ready and Willing A man called me this week to inquire about our program. He said he drank too much and needed help with sobriety. He liked the 'wellness without [...]

Forgive Me, Forget-Me-Not

Forgive and Forget I grew up like a lot of us did with the saying, “Forgive and forget.” I invented a twist on the journey to forgiveness by retooling the expression “Forgive me, forget-me-not.” It’s [...]

Your Ego Listens When Reason Speaks…And Here’s What Happens

Introducing... Your Ego As the myth goes, God created man out of thin air and then Eve popped out of his rib. And just when they were getting to know one another, Eve asked Adam [...]

The Way I See It

After I wrote a still unpublished novel, Alex in Wonderland, I thought I’d tend to my own business, work with clients who wanted what I had to give, and let the rest of the world go by. What happened to make me move my fingers along the keyboard to Blog was the stark notion that we Americans are playing the Blame Game without an end in sight.

When Did the World Change Forever?

I went to Hertz today to rent a car for a few days while my automobile is being serviced. I had to hit more buttons on my cell phone to get service with AAA, which I never got. Nothing is more annoying. All “big pieces of stuff” businesses have turned to robo-dialing to get away from servicing inquiries. Which brings me to the sorest subject in the world for me i.e., technology whose benefits are being overshadowed by the ineptness of the system in place.

Alcoholism is a Family Disease

When I work with an alcoholic or drug addict it is obvious to me that everyone hanging from the Family Tree played his or her part in the creation of the lone wolf black sheep. The whole toxic environment which spawned the addict is overlaid with blame and shame. In You’re Not Who You Think You Are, I build a solid case for how all members of the family are involved in the dysfunction that caused the compulsive and obsessive one to dive head-first into his addiction.