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To commemorate my 40th year of Sobriety I am offering a Fifteen Percent (15%) Discount on all Sedona Intensive™ Services: the 5-Day Intensive and Astrological Chart Sessions.

Work with Albert Clayton Gaulden

Celebrating 40 years of Sobriety and Transpersonal Spirituality

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The Sedona Intensive™ is more than 35 years old and has helped hundreds of men and women as well as young people make a life-long break from addictions and compulsive behaviors like alcoholism, drug addiction, anger and rage issues as well as dealing with grief after the death of a spouse, a parent or someone else significantly connected to the client. Albert takes the client through their Life History, from childhood until current time, using the work of Dr. Carl G. Jung–archetypes and integration of the divided self– by introducing each person to his or her Shadow. They see six or seven clinical therapists from a cranial sacral specialist, an Intuitive Healer, Journal Art Therapy, Yoga, Reflexology, massages as well as other practitioners. Albert continues to counsel each client in several Skype or FaceTime sessions a week for 2 months after they leave Sedona.

We have a list of former clients with phone numbers and email addresses who have gone through the Sedona Intensive™ who will talk to prospects about their own experiences in Sedona. All interested parties are required to go through an Evaluation on Skype or FaceTime to determine if we are the right fit for one another.

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