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The Perfect Healing Place… Sedona, Arizona

Healing in Sedona

In 1982, Albert Clayton Gaulden conceptualized the Sedona Intensive, a personal growth and development program, when he realized that Sedona is a perfect healing place. His first clients, after hearing him lecture at a conference, signed up to come to red rock country to change their lives. And Albert did change their lives. Clients continue to come to the Sedona Intensive seeking to regain their power in a personalized one-on-one environment.

We Help You Become Stronger in the Broken Places

Albert Clayton Gaulden formed an alliance with a group of talented professionals in the alternative medicine field. This licensed team of therapists provides alternative healing consultations, personal growth and development consultations, therapeutic body treatments and healthcare instruction. Clients attend sessions with a Spiritual Psychologist, Network Chiropractor, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Meditation Instructor and Hypnotherapist. Additional materials are used to help individuals achieve peace, harmony, and fulfillment. Gaulden’s curriculum includes self-empowering books and personally recorded meditation CD’s, as well as pre-care homework. Clients write their own life histories. In addition they keep a daily journal to record activities and breakthroughs.

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
— Arthur C. Clarke

Change You and Change Your World

After more than 25 years, newcomers find the Sedona Intensive through referrals, websites, and Gaulden’s books, lectures and workshops throughout the world. It is not uncommon for graduates of the Intensive to return for more work to further self discovery. Time and again we hear, “I want to work with therapists who know my story and who have helped me before – to help me get to where my soul lives.”

Work With Extraordinarily Intuitive and Gifted People

Albert says, “What’s not to like? You come to the mystical red rock vortex canyons. You work with some extraordinarily intuitive and gifted people who love what they do. Dedicated to the healing process, they are passionate about clients’ needs. Through the Sedona Intensive process, your true self emerges. When you leave, you leave ready to face the challenges ahead.”

Achieve peace, happiness and fulfillment. Call (928) 301-0780 to learn more about how the Sedona Intensive can change your life.


In order for prospects to see what we offer and to see if they are a candidate for the Sedona Intensive, Albert Gaulden will give a complimentary consultation for those who are interested in going through the program. Call us at (928) 301-0780 to schedule your FREE Consultation today!

Want to know more?

Not sure if The Sedona Intensive is right for you? Talk to past clients!

Speak confidentially with SI alumni to get their honest perspectives about their experience with our Recovery Programs. Call us at (928) 301-0780 to begin this process.