Addiction Recovery: A Proven Solution

Whether you are dealing with a heavyweight issue like drinking too much or using recreational drugs, or perhaps you are being confronted with a lighter weight problem such as overspending, too many hours at work or overeating, the staff at the Sedona Intensive have a proven solution for you.  Janet Greeson says in her book “It’s Not What You’re Eating, Its What’s Eating You”, all addictions and compulsions are born from core fear factors buried at a deep level in our unconsciousness.

Our Addiction Recovery Resolution Model

Our resolution model to addictive behavior is to lay it all out on the table with a array of professional addiction recovery therapists and practitioners to dig up, throw out and confront all the hidden persuaders that are ego-based until you feel comfortable in your own skin. We know about the hole in the gut, secrets, blame and shame and a hopeless state of mind and body. Our professional staff have been in that deep dark place of despair, some of whom have been in need of addiction recovery, and we know how to get you out.

A “Wellness Without Walls” Experience

As an alternative to weeks or months in a controlled addiction recovery environment, the Sedona Intensive client meets with each practitioner in his or her private office.  There is no institution and there are no locked doors. We call our addiction recovery program a wellness without walls experience.

We Help You Easily Face Your Past

Our support team of addiction recovery therapists break into smaller parts the big boulders of addictive behavior—childhood traumas and sexual and physical abuse, alcoholism and overall family dysfunction—so the client can more easily face his past and is able to leave Sedona free and clear of insane actions.

Addiction Recovery Programs in AZ

The Sedona Intensive is a 5-Day program located in the healing red rock country of Sedona Arizona. Take a look at program and aftercare choices here.

Read “The Process

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