Codependency Clarity

Our team of personal development therapists distinguish between loving care and concern for someone close to you and destructive enmeshment which is codependency. Codependency occurs when we attempt to carry someone else’s feelings or when we are controlled by their behavior.

Be Honest and Get Help

If you have an active alcoholic or drug addict living in your house, it is appropriate to be direct with that person about how their addiction and subsequent behavior are unacceptable to you. If you are the addict or alcoholic, or suffer from some other destructive compulsion, it is important for you to get help rather than to continue to cause chaos at home.

Intervention as a First Step

Codependency is often times a result of shame and fear of failure in being able to control destructive behavior with the addict or alcoholic in your life. The only way to change the dysfunction is to name the disease and to strongly suggest the individual get help. Intervention with a professional counselor is a first step to restoring sanity to the family or in the workplace.

The Solution to Codependency

The solution to the negative characteristics of codependency is to refuse to be someone’s enabler. Treatment for codependency and other compulsions requires tough love and bedrock honesty with yourself and the one who needs treatment.

We at the Sedona Intensive support the integration of many personal growth and development therapies as a way to bring these life challenges into resolution.

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