A Life of Purpose

How many of us are driven by blind ambition? Do you ever think that your parents pushed you to succeed in direct proportion to their own failure? Or as Bette Midler once said in a concert, “I am trapped in an act, not of my own choosing.” Do you often think that you are trapped, as Ms. Midler suggests, in your own life? Through the Sedona Intensive evaluation, prior to working with our staff of practitioners in the Intensive program, the client gains great insights into where his or her weaknesses are but also where they shine in other areas of their life. The simple solution is to remove the blocks to one’s life purpose.

Find Your Authentic Self

We have seen many people live their passion rather than a life without choices after completing the Sedona Intensive and returning home with tools for how to stay clear. One of the underlining philosophies of our program is to help one become his authentic self, working at a career he or she truly loves, as well as changing playgrounds and playmates that support the new genuine person one discovers here. Our experienced professional staff will help you fulfill your goals.

We can help you gain profound insights into your strengths and weaknesses, and remove the blocks to your life's purpose. Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with Albert Clayton Gaulden to see if The Sedona Intensive programs are right for you. Call us at (928) 301-0780 - We can help!