Emotional Freedom, Emotional Wellness

As kids, we’re taught the ABC’s and how to read and write, but nobody was in class to tell us how to deal with our emotions. In the culture in which we live, technology may be speeding the plow to give us everything we need to know, faster than the speed of light but the downside to such advancement is that there is no piece of equipment or information at our fingertips to have us understand why mother didn’t seem to love us, daddy came home drunk and our next door neighbor tried to sexually abuse us. Deep beneath everything that goes on topside are confusing and chaotic reactions to these people, places and things.

Write Your Life History

Here at the Sedona Intensive, our licensed staff helps you deal with these disturbing emotions by writing a life history – who did what to whom, when, and where and a seasoned therapist helps you understand and lets you express these feelings as a first step to letting go of them.

A Life Uninventoried is a Life Not Worth Living

Sedona Intensive founding director, Albert Clayton Gaulden, is wont to say, “A life uninventoried is a life not worth living”.  Few of us have a home environment in which we can discuss, without fear of reprisal, exactly how we are feeling. Rather as John Bradshaw so aptly describes in his book Family Secrets  What You Don’t Tell Can Harm You, secrets are as deadly as poison to our ability to live happy, joyous and free. Our personal growth and self empowerment program and our skilled staff uncover family secrets—how each of us has been harmed by specific people and how we have harmed them as well.

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