Change Comes When You are Ready and Willing

A man called me this week to inquire about our program. He said he drank too much and needed help with sobriety. He liked the ‘wellness without walls’ aspect of our alternative 12-step based program. He particularly liked how much less expensive the Sedona Intensive was than a traditional oftentimes overcrowded treatment center. When I asked when he would like to sign-in he gave an odd answer.

Finding a Higher Bottom

“I will call you when I hit a lower bottom. As we talk I am craving a double Scotch on the rocks. I’ll get back to you when I am more willing to stop drinking.” As a recovering alcoholic for 35 years I still tell my sober alkies that this man is more like a using alcoholic than most of us in recovery can ever understand. When a comrade “goes out”, a euphemism for having a slip, chooses to drink again, I am sad but drinking is what a drug does. Sobriety takes a real commitment to finding a Higher Power and joining the fellowship in meetings with other alcoholics who have surrendered to the notion that they want to stop destructive drinking.

Practicing These Principle in all Our Affairs

I refer to myself also as a recovering materialist because I was financially bankrupt when I got sober in 1980. Even after I got sober–and for many years afterwards–I had to admit that one of the reasons I fed the urge to drink was the need to overspend. The 12th Step in our Big Book mentions “practicing these principles in all our affairs.” There are a myriad of reasons why we can’t seem to find the readiness and willingness to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him.

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