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Do you provide hospital detox?

No. There is a hospital in Flagstaff that provides detox. We have had clients who did the 3-day detoxification program before they started the Sedona Intensive.

Is lodging provided with the program?

No. We will help make reservations at a greatly reduced price, space and price available at a hotel of your choice. There are modest motels to tonier resort spas. Our office will provide suggestions based upon how much you want to spend.

Do I need transportation?

Yes. You need to rent a car in Phoenix and drive up I-17. This simplifies the week’s program for you will drive from one therapist to another. The Sedona Intensive is not in a fixed location.

Am I in sessions with other people?

No. Each session is private with the exception of the early morning AA meeting.

Am I allowed to conduct business, emails or conference calls while I am in the Sedona Intensive?

It is ill-advised to do anything other than be where your feet are: in Sedona working through debilitating and destructive issues. No phone calls to work or home. You will have a lot of homework while you are here.

Is everything that I write or say held in confidence?

Great question. We sign a confidentiality agreement as do all therapists that we will never discuss or reveal one word of anything else about you to anyone. Think confidentiality of a priest or other sacred communicant.

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