Compulsions and Addictions may be what are making you antsy, irritable and discontent

Now that we are in the dog days of summer perhaps you may be feeling like you are headed for the dog house. Astrologically, the fun and silliness of the sign of Leo ends on August 23 and the more analytical nature of Virgo takes over. The Lion may roar, ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you,’ while the more critical attitude of Virgo may be what makes your alcohol and drug dependency more unbearable. There is no place to hide when the destructive shenanigans of bad boy and bad girl behavior accelerates due to the inescapable bottoming out from substance abuse.

If you resemble these remarks, give me a call. If you are serious about getting help, we will do a complimentary evaluation only on Skype. If the cost of this 5-day program is an issue, the Light Foundation Scholarship is available to those with a financial need. Don’t languish in pain and suffering, call today.