Founder and Director of the Sedona Intensive

“A clear and conscious process to discover the power within”

Albert Clayton GauldenAn intuitive counselor, astroanalyst and graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, this Alabama native has influenced the lives of thousands of people—actors, athletes, Wall Street moguls, teachers, families, psychologists and psychiatrists—from South America to Africa to Switzerland and England and France and faraway China—helping them reach the inner core of their power. What separates him from other practitioners in the field of transpersonal psychology is his fearlessness in confronting the false self in his clients. “All of us have been masking and pretending about our true identity,” Gaulden wrote in You’re Not Who You Think You Are: a Breakthrough Guide to Discovering the Authentic You, “and things are not what they seem. Each of us was born both male and female. We need to integrate the divided self—to have a relationship with ourselves before we can love someone else.” He considers his work a search and rescue mission to validate and restore the lost soul as the centerpiece of our earthly incarnation.

“My work treats the fractured soul suspended between the poles of gender. Put a person back together with his or her internal partner—referred to by Dr. John Sanford and others who counsel patients with animus/anima work as the invisible partner, and you empower that person to live a life of peace and joy. Let him or her stay split—waging a gender war within himself or herself— and their addictions and compulsions will keep them in a lifelong state of emotional paralysis.”

“I pour psychology into the framework of astrology (astroanalysis) when I counsel clients. Natal planets within a person’s birth chart—activated by transits—tell me where to focus and what to look for as I sit in session. My honed intuition helps me steer the client in the right direction,”  Gaulden says.

In addition to his Sedona Intensive™ program of clearing away toxic issues that separate us from our bliss, Albert also teaches us in his book, Signs and Wonders (Simon & Schuster, 2003) how to hear God when He speaks to us through the new language—God’s nonverbal messaging system— of coincidences, synchronicities, thought impressions, omens, dreams, angel murmurs, and many other miraculous manifestations. Albert teaches students how to develop a relationship with their inner intuitive selves in a seminar that he calls “Voices.” “It’s time for all of us to stop parroting what others are saying and learn to take advise from the smartest person we’ll ever meet—our own still small voice—the God part of themselves.”

Clients: His clients include Peter Fudakowski, Academy-Award Winning Producer, Tsotsi, Best Foreign Language Film 2005; Marsha Norman, American playwright, screenwriter and novelist who won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, “‘night, Mother,” and a Tony winner for book and libretto of The Secret Garden on Broadway in New York; James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, Susan Sarandon, Academy Award-winning actor for Dead Man Walking; Shirley MacLaine, author, Out on a Limb and Oscar-winning Actor for Terms of Endearment; James David Elliott, lead actor in Jag: Kyle Secour and Richard Belzer, lead actors in Homicide: Life on the Street and many others.

Predictions: In 2005 Gaulden predicted that Tsotsi would win the Best Foreign Film Academy Award and it did; in 2004 on ABC Nightly News he predicted the reelection of President George W. Bush; in 2007 on AZ-TV in Phoenix, Arizona Albert Gaulden predicted the global economic meltdown and housing crisis; in 2008 he predicted that Senator Barack Obama would be elected President of the United States; In 2008 he correctly said that the United States Senate would pass a Health Care Bill, that the movie The Blind Side would be nominated for an Oscar and Sandra Bullock would win Best Actress. He further predicted that Amanda Knox would win her appeal and be freed, which she was in 2011.