Grief Relief

Some of us can cry at the drop of a hat, while others of us act as if a death, a divorce, a job loss, financial bankruptcy and other calamities is just life. It is very important for a person who is stuck in his or her emotions to be able to get beyond the shock of whatever distress has come in to their life. We honor the capacity to grieve by going through the process of where the resolution to the emotions lies. Also our personal development therapists are gifted at being able to open one up to repressed feelings about life traumas.

Opposite of Grief: Living Life on Life’s Terms

Grief Counseling in ArizonaLiving life on life’s terms means to find a way to accept what happens to us, good and bad. At the time of the unfortunate events all logic and reason leaves us. However, after a period of working through these issues, the griever must find a way to continue to live a life with happiness and joy.

Deal with Anger Stage of Grief

Facing Grief and Defusing Anger: There are varying degrees of how one faces a death in the family or of a close friend. Oftentimes the emotional wells overflow with runaway anger and resentment at the loss of a loved one. Anger and rage are normal components of grieving. The bridge across the emotional breakdown is to be able to express all that one is feeling around loss. The therapists in our 5-day Sedona Intensive are schooled and skilled in helping the griever and/or out-of-bounds angry client face the oftentimes buried misunderstanding they are feeling. Most of all, our empathic counselors know how to make things better for those suffering loss.

We Help Those Who Grieve Find Their Way to Happiness

Our solution to grief is to offer more than Kleenex and a soft shoulder to cry on. The Sedona Intensive personal growth and development model aims to bring the client forward to the great possibilities that lie beyond sadness and sorrow.

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