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Video Testimonials


“So absolutely, unbelievably freeing!”
, wife and mother of three, Chicago, IL

“Everything was heavy and grey; it was like looking through a dense fog with no feelings. Now I have awakened and I can see!”
Allyson, Vice President of a trucking company, Columbus, Ohio

“The inspiration that comes from seeing clearly is life altering and I really feel transformed!”
Linda, independent product distributor, Mukilteo, WA

“Going through the Sedona Intensive is the best gift I have ever given myself. I always saw myself as the victim of circumstances. I immediately felt empowered once I gave up that victim mentality and realized I have perpetrated every bad circumstance in my life.”
Heather, Pilates Instructor, LaGrange, KY

“With the help of the Sedona Intensive, I pulled into consciousness those unconscious habits and addictions that had kept me from a greater life. I became aware of exactly when my indifference kicks in, why it gets in the way, and what my real self feels when I break free of this control drama.”
James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

“Albert and his excellent staff helped me to realign my values, face my stuff and say good-bye to dysfunctional patterns. I recommend The Sedona Intensive to anyone who wants to grow in a profound and spiritual way.”
Sagan, former actress

“Through my work with The Sedona Intensive, I learned that humility leads to more power than does perfection. I have transformed a successful life into a successful life! By clearing away what was getting in the way and learning new methods of staying on track, my marriage has been saved and likely my life as well.”
Dr. Jay, physician, Marin County, CA

“Thank you Albert Gaulden and his staff of professionals for creating the perfect environment guaranteed to change your life. As a result, I feel lighter, happier, very blessed and extremely grateful.”
Dottie, Real Estate Broker, Scottsdale, AZ

“Thank you for a safe place secured by love and gifted people to mentor me through my divorce.”
Sheila, Real Estate Broker, Alabama

“I have learned to love myself with my heart, my whole heart. Prior to the Intensive, I could intellectually tell you I loved myself—but I never really felt it with my heart.”
Becky, corporate executive, Lincoln, NE

“My relationships with the people in my life have changed one hundred and fifty percent. Not because I have changed them, but because I have been given the tools to change myself.”
John, actor and personal trainer, Los Angeles, CA