Anger and Rage Management … or Destruction?

These twin defects are often denied by a lot of us. It is not uncommon for someone to sign on for the Sedona Intensive and initially not be able to get in touch with how mad they are with themselves, family, friends and enemies. Fear is the underpinning of anger and rage and when something out of the blue irritates us, our fear morphs into a destructive storm of uncontrollable rage.

How Mad Are You?

Anger and Rage Management The resolution of one’s out of bounds emotional outbursts is to write down who did what to whom, looking at one’s own perpetrations as a way to become free and clear of these resentments and attachments to past hurts and slights. It is inappropriate to allow one’s emotions to be suppressed. When an old resentment is triggered, the emotional response far exceeds what the situation calls for. Simply put, the personal growth and empowerment therapists at the Sedona Intensive know how to detox these hideaways of fear-based anger and rage, which Gaulden calls rat holes of shame, to free one of these toxic and dangerous emotions.


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