After I wrote a still unpublished novel, Alex in Wonderland, I thought I’d tend to my own business, work with clients who wanted what I had to give, and let the rest of the world go by. What happened to make me move my fingers along the keyboard to Blog was the stark notion that we Americans are playing the Blame Game without an end in sight. My unvarnished vita says, “Sober 35 years, no credit card debt, perfect scores with my heart doctor from my last blood work-up, no sugar for a month and loving my 6 year-old Wire Fox Terrier, Mr. Darby more than ever.”

What about your resume? What does it say?

We are in the last days leading to midterm elections in America and all I can hear are defamatory, vicious ads attacking opposing candidates from both sides, albeit the Republicans have access of billions of the Koch Brothers war chest to their shame. I am rocked and socked and shocked beyond words that most people in American have little money and no moral-center to be able to elect Congress People who care about who they are and what they need. Does anyone really think we have elected officials who give a damn about ordinary people? If you say there are, you are deluded beyond help. The best way you can protect yourself is to wake up and realize that you are not as unenlightened to continue to believe that anyone on the ticket in any state is going to fix what’s wrong with you. Fix yourself. Spend less. Save more. Stop giving the empty dogma of your church authority over you. Recognize a bully when you see him, whether he or she is in the White House or the State House.

Isis? Ebola? Muslims? You think these are our problems? No. They are red herrings to get you to pay less attention to those who have established an oligarchy in this country. Prescient Cheryl K. Chumley wrote in The Washington Times, April 21, 2014 that “America is no longer a democracy — never mind the democratic republic envisioned by Founding Fathers. Rather, it has taken a turn down elitist lane and become a country led by a small dominant class comprised of powerful members who exert total control over the general population — an oligarchy, said a new study recently conducted by Princeton and Northwestern universities.”

As Atticus Finch said in To Kill A Mockingbird, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.”

— Albert Clayton Gaulden, founding director of The Sedona Intensive,  a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, Alabama and author of Signs and Wonders and You’re Not Who You Think You Are.